Lisa Weber, LMT

Lisa has nearly five years of experience as a massage therapist, specializing in addressing clinical aspects, such as pain from injuries, stress-related tension, and aiding in athletic recovery.

Her massages are customized to your specific needs. As a trauma-informed massage therapist, she also has expertise in sports massage, fascial work, and managing chronic pain and injuries.

During her time away from work, she loves to continue learning through reading and indulges her creative flair through crafting activities.

Ryan Nightingale, CCP, CFL2, CPT

Ryan started gymnastics at an early age and completed at a collegiate level for the University of Illinois Chicago. Fitness has been a passion since his childhood, cultivating sports and training experience to find the upper limits of what is or could be humanly possible.

He started as a personal trainer in a large recreational gym before entering the CrossFit space, as popularity built, eventually becoming an affiliate owner in downtown Chicago. Ryan’s coaching experience has allowed him to build skills in agility, strength training, olympic lifting, and injury prevention and recovery over the span of a decade.

He also holds multiple certifications including ACE PT, CFL2, USAW Level 1, OPEX CCP. He spends most of his non-competitive life practicing action sports or continuing education in all areas.

Phoebe Caudill

Phoebe is from the eastside of Houston, Texas. Upon graduating high school she joined the Rotary Club of Houston as an Ambassador. South America became her new home where she studied and explored. She then returned to the United States and acquired her bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston in Sociology before moving to Australia. She lived there for three years playing rugby at elite and professional levels.

Making yet another big leap across the water, she moved to Chicago in 2022. She has since joined our staff and utilizes her interpersonal skills and exuberant personality to oversee our entire office and connect with every patient.